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Сабақтың тақырыбы: Describing places

Сабақтың мақсаты: Оқушылармен осы тақырыпты ашатын, сөздердің мағынасы мен ойларымен бөлісу.

а) Білімділік: оқушылардыың білімін жүйелеу бұрынғы өткен сабақтан алған мәліеттерді тереңдету, ойда қалғандарын, меңгерген білімдерін ұмытып қалуға жол бермеу.

ә) Дамытушылық: оқушылардың сөйлеу әрекеттерін дамыту, тілге деген қызығушылығын арттыру, мәнерлі оқуға дағдыландыру, сөздік қорын үйрету.

б) Тәрбиелік: өзге тілді үйрене отырып, өз тілдерін құрметтей білуге тәрбиелеу.

Сабақтың түрі: аралас сабақ

Сабақтың әдісі: топтық жұмыс

Сабақтың көрнекілігі: Деңгейлік тапсырмалар жазылған плакат, карточкалар.

I.Organization moment

-Good afternoon, pupils!

-Good afternoon, teacher!

-Thank you, take your sit.

-Who is on duty today?

-What date is it today?

-What day is it?

-Who is absent?

II. Phonetic drill

- Now,pupils, look at the blackboard. It is our phonetic drill for our lesson.

I’ll read listen to me.

Never trouble trouble

Till trouble troubles you.

It only doubles troubles,

And trouble others too.

- Now, repeat all together.

- Who wants to read?

- Very well, thank you.

III. Checking up the homework

- What was your home task?

- Who is ready?

- Open your copybooks I’ll check your home task

- And to learn by heard new words

-… come to the blackboard write down new words

IV. New theme

  • -Look at the blackboard. Our new theme is “Describing places”.Open you copybooks and write down today is date and day and our new theme.

V. New words

Grocery [‘grouәsri] -бакалея

Die out [‘dai ‘ aut] – жойылу, жоғалу

Neighbourhood [‘neibәhud] - көршілестік

Fresh [freƒ] – жаңа, жас

To emloy [tu im’ploi]- жалдау

Variety [vә'raiәti]- әр түрлілік

Amount [ә'maunt]–мөлшер, сан

To compete [tu kәm'pi:t]- жарысу

VI. Doing exercises

Exercise 1. Think the words with the letters of the word “dangerous”










Dark, table, nice, grocery, interesting, clean, dirty, good, quiet, fast

Exercise 2. Complete the sentences as in the example

Example: Life in the country is slower than the city life [slow]

  • A)Planes are faster than trainers
  • B)Almaty is bigger than Astana
  • C)Buildings in New York are taller than in London
  • D)Astana is more modern than Moscow
  • E)London is older than Madrid

Exercise 4.Discuss these questions in groups

Do you like shopping?

Are there any shops near the house?

Where do you usually go shopping?

We often does shopping in your family?

Do you prefer small shops or supermarkets? Why?

Exercise 5. Read and find comparatives in the text

Corner stores and supermarkets

Exercise 6.Making comparatives.Using the words below make a comparison between two nouns. Add a verb and the word than

Supermarkets are more modern than corner stores

Supermarkets are newer than corner stores

The prices at supermarkets are lower than the prices at corner stores

Corner stores are friendlier than supermarkets

Supermarkets are crowder than corner stores

Supermarkets are noisier and busier than corner stores

VII. Consoladaion

Exercise 7. Compare supermarkets and corner stores


Corner store

Supermarkets are big

Corner stores are small

VIII. Home task

  • -Open your record books write down your home task exercise 8.

IX. Marking

- You worked active today I’ll give you your marks …

X. Conclusion

- The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye

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