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Form:  7 “A”                                                                                            The Theme of the lesson: Educational system in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan. The aims of the lesson: Educational:                     1.  To generalize of pupils knowledge                     2. To find differences and similarities in education in Kazakhstan and Great Britain Developing:                    3.To develop the students’ reading, speaking and writing skills in comparing the                      facts on the theme.                  4.To develop logical and critical thinking, students’ creation Bringing up:                 5.To bring up respect to other people’s language and education The type of the lesson: combination lesson The form of the lesson: non-tradition  Method of lesson: to explain, asking and answering questions, individual work, group work, Visual aids: cards, pictures, interactive board, colored markers and papers   I. Organization moment: a) The greetings. Teacher: Good day, dear teachers, boys and girls! I am glad to see you! Teacher: You are welcome to our lesson by the theme: Educational system in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan. And I’ll divide class into two groups. Group A - will speak about education in Great Britain. Group B – will speak about education in Kazakhstan. The aim of our lesson is to compare education into two countries: Great Britain and Kazakhstan. I hope you’ll find something interesting and new for yourselves. Let’s start, please. Good Luck! II. Phonetic drill   Look at the screen and read                           The school has doors that open wide          Books and pencils I will need                           And friendly teachers wait inside                When I start to write and read                           Hurry, hurry, let’s go in                               Lots to learn and lots to do                           For soon lessons will begin                          I like to go to school, don’t you?   What do you think about Education? Education is compulsory for all children in Kazakhstan. The main purpose of compulsory education is to involve all children into school. The development of the nation, its prosperity and wealth depend on the people’s education. Prosperity – дәуірлеу, процветание, благосостояние depend  - тәуелді болу, зависеть involve – тарту, вовлекать, включать в себя purpose –  мақсат, цель, 2. результат, успех 3. целеустремленность, воля   III. Working with the pictures. Look at the screen. Can you guess what subjects are being taught in each picture? English, physics, biology, physical training, Russian Do you study these subjects at school? What are you favorite subject? Do your school subjects educate your for life? IV. Checking the homework.         Let’s check your homework? What was your home task for today? Learn the new words and to write an essay about your school and to make cluster. 1. to learn the new words   2. to write an essay “My school” make cluster V. Presentation of new theme.           Children, today we will do a lot of work. Today we will practice our lexis, read the texts, answer the questions. Learn the new information about the education and find differences and similarities in education in Kazakhstan and Great Britain. Read the text and answer the questions.
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